Akrivis is a service management tool that enables your organisation to manage its tasks and staff, automatically allocating tasks submitted from a variety of sources, including a web API, out to your field operatives

Akrivis sorts all your open tasks and prioritises them before distributing out to the workforce, ensuring that the tasks are given to someone with appropriate skills, based in the right locality.

Tasks can be managed from any device that is connected to the web, including tablets and smart phones. When there is no signal available, Akrivis holds onto the information until such time as it can be delivered back go the administrative hub.

Akrivis benefits your workers, both by tracking their whereabouts in realtime so their managers know where they are, and by monitoring the elapsed time for tasks, so that, over time, more accurate time allocations can be associated with the various tasks.

Indeed, Akrivis's powerful reporting harness provides valuable management information to enable you to refine your processes around delivery creating greater efficiencies and delivering better services to your clients.